A Love Letter to My Regular

It has been so long…

Since someone has consumed my thoughts, without a sense of guilt

Since I have had someone to turn to for help, without a sense of burden

Since I’ve proudly stood next to a man that I am able to call my own

Since I’ve let down my guard and allowed someone to see the rest of me that I hide  from the world

Since I’ve unconditionally loved, without judgment, and received the same from another

Since I have felt such comfort in the arms longing to hold me

Since I have not feared another holding my delicate heart

Since I have felt butterflies in my stomach from a smile so sincere

Since I have daydreamed of a future with another by my side

Since another has bought the flowers that fill my vase

Since I have poured such emotion into every intimate touch

Since someone has made me feel so beautiful, inside and out, I am starting to believe it myself

…but the truth is, it has not been so long. It has never been before. A love so kind, so appreciative, so sincere; I am in love with a love I’ve never known before. I have learned from my past, I am in love with every moment of my life and am hopeful that this love will continue to fill my heart and ease my scars.



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